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Contoh soal kalimat Aktif dan Pasif

Soal kalimat Aktif dan Pasif...
Nah sekarang saatnya quiz, coba ubah kalimat aktif di bawah ini menjadi kalimat pasif..
Silahkan dijawab di kolom komentar ya....

1.Jackson wrote the book last year   
2.They will invited us to dinner    
3.Luck sends the mail everyday    
4.The tiger has eaten the deer    
5.The news will amaze you    
6.The secretary is going to fax the letters    
7.John broke the window    
8.Will Harri visit his grandmother ?    
9.They did not build a bridge    
10.Is he going to fix the door ?    
11.The hotel does not provide clean towel    
12.The leaves fell to the ground    
13.A maid will clean our room    
14.My cat didn't eat the bird    
15.Eddy has signed the agreement

Bagaimana?? mudah bukan?
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Contoh soal kalimat Aktif dan Pasif
Contoh soal kalimat Aktif dan Pasif
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