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Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 SD Semester 1

1.    Andi              :    Good morning, Sir ! How are you, today ?
Mr. Andrew         :         I am ____ , thanks.
A.    fine
B.    good bye
C.    good morning
D.   good afternoon

2.    Rita         :         ____ .
Melani      :         I am from Solo.
A.    Where are you from ?
B.    How do you do.
C.    Where do you from ?
D.   What is your name ?

3.    Mother     :         Where is the magazine, Feri?
Feri          :         ____ .
A.    He is under the chair.
B.    She is on the floor.
C.    They are on the table.
D.   It is on the table.

4.    There is a broom ____ the table.
A.    under
B.    in
C.    on
D.   beside

5.    You play football with your ____ .
A.    head
B.    foot
C.    eyes
D.   ears

6.    Tari is my uncle’s daughter. She is my cousin.
A.    She is my father’s ____ .
A.    daughter
B.    niece
C.    nephew
D.   cousin
7.    What is the name of the part of your face.
A.    Which is used to smell something ?
A.    nose
B.    mouth
C.    eyes
D.   ears

8.    Salsa  :     Is Mrs. Mira your mother’s Sister ?
Stella :     Yes, She is my ____ .
A.    aunt
B.    sister
C.    uncle
D.   niece

9.    Arya        :         What are you doing, Tina ?
Tina         :         I am ____ the flowers.
A.    waters
B.    water
C.    watered
D.   watering

10. I and my brother are helping our mother. I am washing clothes but my brother is ____ the floor.
A.    sweep
B.    swept
C.    sweeps
D.   sweeping

11. This animal has long neck. It also has yellow skin and four legs. What is the name of the animal ?

A.    horse
B.    elephant
C.    giraffe
D.   cow
12. These animals can help the farmer to cultivate the field.

A.    goat, horse
B.    cow, buffalo
C.    buffalo, goat
D.   horse, cow

13. This animal is a ____ .
A.    bear
B.    lion
C.    tiger
D.   panda

14. Dita    :    Do you know the name of an animal which has a horn, big body and four legs ?
Lara    :    Yes, I do. It is a ____ , right ?

A.    lion
B.    rhinoceros
C.    elephant
D.   tiger

15. Peacock, parrot, pigeon are kinds of ____ .
A.    chicken
B.    hen
C.    bird
D.   duck

16. A ____ contains vitamin A.
A.    carrot
B.    bean
C.    orange
D.   spinach

17. Sarah likes this fruit very much. It has a lot of thorn and seed. This fruit is so sweet. What fruit is it ?
A.    watermelon
B.    durian
C.    melon
D.   papaya

18. My mother needs some flowers. She buys ___ .
A.    spinach, rose, pineapple, and pumpkin
B.    rose, jasmine, tulip, and lotus
C.    lotus, avocado, cabbage, and carrot
D.   lemon, tulip, union, and grapes

19. These are the name of flowers, except ____ .
A.    orchid
B.    lavenda
C.    rose
D.   jasmine

20. Mita    :    What is your favourite vegetable, Rosa ?
Rosa   :    I love ____ so much. My mother usually cooks it into a delicious soup.
A.    cassava
B.    cabbage
C.    spinach
D.   long bean

1.    A
2.    A
3.    D
4.    D
5.    B
6.    B
7.    A
8.    A
9.    D
10. D
11. C
12. B
13. C
14. B
15. C
16. A
17. B
18. B
19. B
20. B
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Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 SD Semester 1
Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 SD Semester 1
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