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Soal Bahasa Inggris SBMPTN IPA 2013

Soal Bahasa Inggris SBMPTN IPA 2013

Text I
The government published a report yesterday saying that we need to eat more healthily-more fruit and vegetables, less fat and sugar. So, that means fewer burgers, chips and fried food as well as cutting down on sweet things. We went into central London yesterday at lunchtime and asked people what they thought about it. It’s got nothing to with government what I eat, ‘says Paul keel, a building workers, and Dorothi Mattews, a teacher, as they ate beefburger and chips washed down with strawberry milk shake. Tim Kennor, however welcomes the government’s advice. Then, we asked the Simpson’s restaurant’s manager about it. I don’t think people believe all these reports anymore. What they say is good for you in June, they say is bad for you in July. People stopped taking notice. We serve that we’ve always served. Almost all of it is Fattening.

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26.  The topic of the text is ….
  1. The advantages of eating fruit and vegetables.
  2. The government’s report on people’s unhealthy eating habit.
  3. Eating a healthy lunch in central London.
  4. People’s reaction to suggestion on healthy eating habits.
  5. Fattening food served at the Simpson’s restaurant.
27.  What does the restaurant manager think of the report?
  1. Fattening Foods are more delicious.
  2. People are more concerned about losing weight.
  3. People don’t understand the advice given.
  4. The government’s advice is inconsistent.
  5. People will welcome the government’s advice.

Text II
Cameroon is a West African country of ten million people which has been very successful in growing food for its people, unlike many other West African countries. Since 1971 it has doubled its output of major foodstuffs such as maize and potatoes. Now it is one of the few African countries able to feed itself. This was not the case five years ago when the country was only 75-80% self-sufficient in food. Although isolated pockets of hunger still remain, the World Bank nowadays gives Cameroon money to sustain, not to achieve, self-sufficiency in food Production.

28.  The text tells us about ….
  1. Food self sufficiency.
  2. Cameroon’s food production.
  3. Cameroon’s ability to feed its people.
  4. West African Countries.
  5. Major foodstuffs in West Africa.

29.  Which of the following statements is TRUE about Cameroon?
  1. Cameroon is the biggest and richest country among West Africa countries.
  2. Cameroon has succeeded in its food production because of the fertility of its soil.
  3. The World Bank Financially supports Cameroon to maintain its Self-Sufficiency.
  4. It was the World Bank which financed the production of food in Cameroon.
  5. Similar to other West African countries, Cameroon has always been, self-sufficient.

Text III
Among the various effects of air pollution, climatic change are slow, the deterioration of health is insidious, and the damage to plants, animals, or materials seems remote to those not directly involved. But smoke is visible to all, and the stinks of sulfides are all over. As a result, most complaints by individuals to air pollution agencies refer to something that can be seen of smelled.

30.  What is the main idea of the paragraph?
  1. Climatic change does not immediately have an effect on people’s lives.
  2. People complain about all the pollutants in the air.
  3. People are not directly affected by the damage of plants and animals.
  4. The effect of air pollution on people’s lives can be direct and indirect.
  5. Complaints by individuals have been made to pollution agencies.

31.  The main information about the paragraph is ….
  1. complaints about air pollution.
  2. the danger of air pollution.
  3. the effects of air pollution.
  4. the slow climatic change.
  5. wastes emitted by air pollution.

Text IV
Most people who have a sweet toot consume the equivalent of 20 teaspoons of sugar a day For the – (57) – person, there’s nothing wrong with sugar by itself, unless all the sweet foods in your daily diet are keeping you from eating and drinking the – (58) – food you need – (59) – for people who are trying to lose weight, or have to watch their blood sugar because of diabetes, too much sugar can be a problem. That is where artificial sweetness can come in handy. These low – calorie sweeteners, reports the international Food Information Council, are – (60) – to use, provide sweetness without calorie, and provide a choice of sweet foods. The – (61) – artificial sweeteners include acesulfame potassium, aspartame, sucralose, d-tagatose and saccharin.

32.  A. average            D. sensitive     
B. common           E. unhealthy
C. special

33.  A. nutritious         D. nutrition     
B. nutritiously       E. nutritionist
C. nutrient

34.  A. So                C. thus          E. and
B. as                 D. but

35.  A. safe                  E. good
B. careful              D. harmful
C. applicable

36.  A. approval           E. approve
B. approving         D. approvingly
C. approved

Petunjuk :   soal nomor 62 sampai nomor 75 tidak berhubungan dengan bacaan.

37.  Is my car ready?
I’m sorry, … because we didn’t get the spareparts until today.
A.    still being fixed         D. we have fixed it
B.     we still fixed it          E. it is still fixing
C.     it is still being fixed

38.  Can you pick me up at around 2.00 p.m. tomorrow?
I’m sorry I can’t. I … then.
A.    have been teaching    D. will be teaching
B.     have taught               E. am teaching
C.     will teach
39.  The radio says that most of the streets in Jakarta are Flooded at the moment’. I’m not surprised, we … so much rain for a week now.
a.      had                         D. have
b.      are having              E. have had
c.      had had

40.  All new students at this university are requared – an English proficiency test.
A.    taking                     D. will take
B.    having to take        E. to take
C.    take

41.  Whose car is that?
You mean the one – in front of the bookstore.
A.    it parks                   D. to be parked
B.    to park                    E. parking
C.    parked

42.  Don’t you thing the bus driver is speeding?
Yes, I afraid he … the lives of the passengers.
  1. endangers
  2. would have endangered
  3. will endanger
  4. endangered
  5. would endanger

43.  Whats wrong with the computer, Widi? Can’t you do anything about it?
There appears to be an error in the computer program. I will have the matter dealt with immediately.
This means that Widi …
  1. has dealt with such a problem before
  2. is going to deal with the computer
  3. will ask someone to fix for him
  4. is going to fix it immediately
  5. asked his boss to deal with it

44.  The original … manuscript of the play is on display in the museum.
A.    writing hand            D. written by hand
B.     hand writing            E. hand written
C.     that is hand written

45.  After she had already signed a year’s rent for the house, she found another that she liked much better.
From the above sentence we may conclude that …
  1. She found it more profitable to stay in the house she liked better
  2. She signed a year’s rent for the house although she didn’t like it
  3. She signed a year’s rent for the house she liked much better
  4. She had to stay in the house for which she had paid the rent
  5. She decided to cancel the house which she had paid for the rented

46.  I spilled some ink on my coat.
You must … at the laundry immediately.
A.    have to clean it D. have to be cleaned it
B.     have it clean      E. have cleaned it
C.     clean it

47.  He did not pass his oral examination because he was either nervous.
  1. Or not well prepared
  2. Or he did not prepare well
  3. Also did not prepare well
  4. But he was to well prepare
  5. And did not prepare well

48.  Does Anto know that Myrna had an accident yesterday ?
I don’t think so. We … as soon as we were informed.
A.    Should have told him
B.     Had better tell him
C.     Must have told him
D.    Had to tell him
E.     May have told him

49.  “What is going to happen to the children who have become orphans due to the tsunami disaster?”
“Don’t worry, they …
  1. will have been taken care of
  2. will have be taken
  3. will take care of
  4. will be taking care
  5. will be taken care of

50.  –for five years in the marketing department. I feel well qualified to apply for the job of marketing manager advertised in the newspaper.
A.    to work                    D. worked
B.     having work            E. have worked
C.     I have worked
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Soal Bahasa Inggris SBMPTN IPA 2013
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